A bit of history


The company was founded in 2005 by Ettore Scalisi with the first store specialized in tennis in Sicily marketing high quality products for tennis, padel and leisure. The business has been a point of reference in Italy also thanks to the online store, and facebook. From the request of customers throughout Italy we have activated the consulting and sales service and we have formed the sales network of sales agents that today represent us throughout Italy

About us


In terms of, sales and customer service: a network of 100 customers covered by 10 agents. As for logistics, we regularly receive and distribute the goods from our warehouse throughout Italy.

We have a quality control department to ensure that our customers will receive all products perfectly in terms of quality and packaging. Our goal is to assist our customers at every stage to guarantee quality service and avoid complaints and returns in order to maintain a high brand standard.

In terms of, communication and marketing Italy: we work with a communication agency that takes care of our visibility in magazines, events, social media etc ... We locally implement selective distribution strategies that guarantee us quality and programming.